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Vanity Fair Club: 3rd September 2024, Palazzina Grassi- Ramo Grassi, Venezia

Vanity Fair Club is a night club located near Grand Canal, in the exclusive Palazzina Grassi, which had its’ debut in 2022 during the Venice Film Festival. In September 2023, Vanity Fair in partnership with Tender Stories organised an event for the youth of Italian cinema, singers and celebrities. Some of the guests invited were: Fotinì Peluso, Victoria Cabello, Mattia Carrano, Ludovica Coscione, Domenico Cuomo, Andrea Delogu, Randi Ingerman, Cristina Marino, Paola Minaccioni, Mr. Rain, Daniela Scattolin, Bella Thorne e Sara Ventura. For the evening, Campari and Moët & Chandon offered cocktails and champagne, consolidating their historic partnership with Vanity Fair on all initiatives related to the world of cinema and DJ Graziano della Nebbia entertained the Lagoon until late night.

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